Stuxnet: The Digital Hiroshima

60 Minutes - CBS

Zero Days - Magnolia Pictures

Source Analysis

The 60 Minutes episode aired by CBS was one of the earliest documentaries on Stuxnet. Airing in 2012, it detailed the threat that Stuxnet posed to the United States now that the worm was in the wild. The episode features compilations of evidence from primary sources such as Ralph Langner, Eric Chien and Former CIA General Michael Hayden. The documentary does not discuss the origins of the worm, nor its effect in Iran, but rather the threat posed to the United States as a result of its existence. The depth of the documentary, as well as its focus on a single aspect of Stuxnet makes it a reliable source.

Source Analysis

Zero Days (2017) is a documentary by Alex Gibney, which delves into the technological, political and social aspects of the Stuxnet worm, trying to uncover its creators, its purpose, and its future. The director has published multiple movies about technological controversies, such as We Steal Secrets: The Story of WIkileaks. It was published by Magnolia Pictures, an American independent film distributor based in New York City. The studio mainly publishes science fiction and documentaries. Zero Days is a secondary source, as it compiles interviews and primary sources into a narrative format. Zero Days is one of the most reliable documentaries on the Stuxnet virus.

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